About Us

Who is M.R. Hemp?

M is for Mosby (Rusty & Sheri), and R is for Rider (Shawn & Michelle).  Rusty and Shawn are conventional, no-till farmers.  Rusty started farming in the early 90’s and is the 4th Generation to grow corn and soybeans on his family’s farm.  Shawn and Rusty have been farming together for over a decade.  When talk began of legalizing industrial hemp for growth in Illinois, Shawn and Rusty started researching the possibilities.  While the research phase was going on, they started throwing around names for this venture. They decided they wanted to represent their products and themselves, and M.R. Hemp was born.  Rusty and Shawn are proud to be able to bring you locally grown products, at an affordable price.  With M.R. Hemp CBD products you can say, “I know where this came from. I know who grew this.”


MR Hemp

  Eldorado, Illinois 62930, United States